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Meet Carmen

Carmen J. Madison is a Screenwriter and Producer with a profound love of story and complex characters. Growing up in Atlanta, GA, her early influences were an eclectic mix of prolific artists including Maya Angelou, the Stephens (King and Spielberg), Nikki Giovanni, Alfred Hitchcock and Spike Lee. She started her career in Development in Hollywood working alongside acclaimed Directors, Producers and Actors, and spent 10 years working for the TBS, TCM & TNT networks.  As a Professor for Kennesaw State University, she shares her passion for crafting stories in a Screenwriting course for new Writers. During the holidays, you can find her singing along to The Sound of Music and spellbound by SyFy's New Year's Twilight Zone marathon.  She's the wife of a Firefighter and mother of a future Storm Chaser, which means she may, or may not, be subjected to an exorbitant amount of rescue shows and The Weather Channel.

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Get In Touch

GIRLDAD CHRISTMAS                                        Format: Holiday Family Comedy

Two Dads who are rival neighbors find out their teen daughters are competing for Winter Wonderland Queen and get carried away, igniting a light fight feud and a series of holiday mishaps.

CARLA & VEGAS CLEAN UP                                         Format: Comedy Feature

When two down and out Latina besties become Beverly Hills Housekeepers, they form an unlikely friendship with their elderly client and are blackmailed by their manipulative boss into pulling off a high-stakes heist at the client's stately mansion.

FIRE BROTHERS                                                        Format: TV Drama, 1 Hour

The turbulent work life of a determined Black Firefighter unfolds in Atlanta's most chaotic territory known as the "Terror Dome".  He begins to question whether the rise through the ranks is worth what lies ahead, but the brotherly bond he shares with his Crew helps him navigate the politics of the Fire Department and the gritty city streets.